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Active Listener

积极倾听者(Active Listener) 致力于为每位来访者提供高质量一对一线上的情感支持及朋辈互助服务

  • 45 分鐘
  • Online Sessions


Beacon Active Listeners provide emotional support to Chinese international students via our platform. We want to make sure nobody has to face their problems alone. Having someone like you to listen can be all it takes to make a real difference. Our Active Listener will be able to: -Learn and implement active listening skills -Provide personalized and one-on-one support to peers who are seeking assistance and help -Utilize and interpret various assessment tools and resources -Demonstrate effective clinical skills and strategies in various situations After you reserved an Active Listener, you will receive an email from our Active Listener for the detailed information about our session with an online session link to join.



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